Kali Story

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu
buddhi rupena samsthita
namastasyai namastasyai
namastasyai namo namaha
To the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of intelligence Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her,Salutations again and again

The Divine Mother's magic is as ancient as life itself. She existed before gods and mortals, and she will still exist even after the great dissolution. Mother is pure energy in subtle form, but in times of need or just out of a desire to play, she manifests.

Many people fear the mysterious black goddess Kali. Her symbolism startles them because they try to understand with their brain. One needs to understand with one's heart. Kali is an experience, a very personal one. If one gets a taste of the ecstasy of Her Divine Love even only once, one's life is transformed and becomes holy.

Adhi Para Shakthi manifested herself in 10 different Avatars for the upliftment of the mankind.

The 10 different Avatars are mainly
  • Tharasundari
  • Bhuvaneshwari
  • Bairavi
  • Chinna Mastha
  • Bhagalamughi
  • Thoomavathi
  • Maathangi
  • Kamalathmigha
  • Thiripurasundari

The first and foremost Manifestation of the Adhi Parashakthi was in the form of Kali. Kali Stands for the endless Time . As she contains within herself the endless Time She is called Kali. ( Kalam means time in Sanskrit and Tamil) or Kaliga-one who has won the time.

Kali also denotes black in Sanskrit. So the diety is associated with darkness and black colour. She is the God who is associated with destruction of evil and Death.
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Adhi para Shakthi

Thousands of names like Kalakandi, Thigambari, Kala Hanthiri, Maha Kali talk about her omnipresence, her extraordinary kindness, her ruthless pursuit in destroying evil.

Kali is worshipped in many different forms in many levels. In general, every time Kali appears as an avatar to kill an evil Asura she is worshipped as a pertinent diety.Though Adhi Shakthi is one, man kind has thrust their desire to see the Shakthi in hundred different forms to satisfy their inner need.

Kali has according to old sources 8 forms. They are called Ashta Mathakkal meaning eight mothers.
They are :

Dakshina Kali and Kughiza Kali are 2 important forms in all the three lokhas and worshipping them brings peace and prosperity.

Sri kali
Sri Kali containing of time within her she is called Kaali or Kaliga . She appears with 8 hands carrying weapons and an Asura is under her feet.

Sri Kala Rathiri
During death she comes as Payangiri, surrounded by 12 powers residing in the heart chakra of the mankind.She appears with 8 hands and has fire on her head.

Sri Chamundi
During the destruction of Chanda Munda Asuras, Kali cuts the head of Chanda and the body of Munda and hence she is called Chamundi or Chamundeshwari . She appears fierce with 8 hands and an asura under her feet.

Sarva Maya Mundi
The name denotes that she is omnipotent and everything in the universe including time. She appears with 8 hands and a glowering fire on her head.

She is the one who bestows prosperity to her devotees. She appears with a fierce temper. She has 10 hands carrying weapons to destroy the evil and protect the Good. She appears seated with one leg hanging and with fire on her head.

Sri Maha Kali
Saptha Sathi powers Saraswathi , Lakshmi and Durgai together are called Mahakali. She appears with 14 hands carrying weapons. With fire burning on her head she is fierce and appears seated.

Sara Sandigai
Of all the kali Avatars, Dakshina Kali and Kughizya Kali are the important ones.Kughizha Kali has very fascinating appearance. She indicates that the world worshipped Kali from its beginning as Ram and Bharathan in Ramayanam worshipped her.She has 10 faces, 1000 hands and 27 eyes.She is seated on 5 dead bodies in the navel of Vishnu.There is only one statue of this Kali in Delhi museum in India.

She is Bava tharini in Calcutta and Sri Ramakrishna Parama Hamsar worshipped her. Her tales of glory is told in 14 volumes. She appears with one face and four hands.Dakshina Kali Chakra is enough to pray to all the other forms of Kali.

Physical forms of Kali
With 8 forms and countless number of avatars to destroy the evil asuras Kali is worshipped in numerous forms, figures and ways. Her physical attributes gives her yet another classification . Kali with 2 hands carrying weapons to kill the evil and protect the good.Kalli with four hands is dark in colour and appears fierce. She bestows all boons to those who worship her.Kali with six hands is red in colour and is fierce in her temper. She appears with weapons to destroy the evil asuras and protect the good.Kali with eight hands has one-face three eyes and is dark in colour.With fire in her hair she is the source of Kundalini Yoga.Kali appear with 10 hands, 10 faces and 10 legs. Maha Kali appears in blue colour and she is the one created to destroy the Madhu Kaidabar.Kal appears with sixteen hands and is in different colours. With several weapons she appears fierce.Kali appears with 18 hands seated on a lion. With a very fierce appearance and using the spirits as her transport she is gross in her nature. With weapons she destroys the evil and protects the good.
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