Picture History

Mr. P.Govindasamy Pillai & J.P. Inaugurating the temple building fund in 1976

Oldest Temple
One of the Oldest Temple Built by Indian pioneers who came to work and live here the temple was the first in the serangoon area and became a focus of early Indian socialcultural activities there.

The growing awareness of the hindu public and the increasing enthusiasm by the younger generation called for a bigger temple as early as 1965. It was in 1975 proper plans were drawn up to build a new temple.
Inaugurating the temple building fund

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Balasthabanam Ceremony on 11-12-1983 before the temple was demolished

Prayers being offered


Piling Ceremony on 26-10-1983 Guest of honour Mr. S. Chandra Das the M.P for Chang Boon

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Gold and Precious stones placed under the sanctum of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple on 18-05-1984

These photographs show the ceremonial placing of gold and precious stone and closing of Bramha-randrams of Vimanams and Rajagopuram on 24-03-1985

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Dr. Wong Kwei Cheong, M.P for Carinhill starting the walk-a-jog on 31-08-1986
to raise funds for the Temple

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Maha Kumbabishegam 08-02-1987

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Pooja & Events
Theipirai Ashtami
26.02.2019 - Tuesday   
Sri Bairavar Abishegam (8.15 pm)

Maha Sankatahara Chathurthi
22.02.2019 - Friday   

20.02.2019 - Wednesday   
Big Padaiyal Poojai

19.02.2019 - Tuesday   

10th Day Festival
19.02.2019 - Tuesday   
Maasi Magam Theertha Utsavam, Kodi Irakkuthal, Manjal Neer Vilayattu

Sri Nadaraj Abishegam - 4.30 pm
18.02.2019 - Monday   

9th Day Festival
18.02.2019 - Monday   
(Silver Chariot Procession)

17.02.2019 - Sunday   

8th Day Festival
17.02.2019 - Sunday   
(108 Kalasabhishekam) (Kuthirai Vaganam)

7th Day Festival
16.02.2019 - Saturday   

6th Day Festival (Rishaba Vaganam)
15.02.2019 - Friday   

5th Day Festival (Yaanai Vaganam)
14.02.2019 - Thursday   

4th Day Festival (Simha Vaganam)
13.02.2019 - Wednesday   

Monthly Karthigai
13.02.2019 - Wednesday   

3rd Day Festival
12.02.2019 - Tuesday   

2nd Day Festival
11.02.2019 - Monday   

1st Day Festival
10.02.2019 - Sunday   
Kodiyetram (Flag Raising)

Beginning of Brahmotsavam
09.02.2019 - Saturday   
Devatha Anukgnai, Sri Maha Ganapathy Homam

Sukla Chathurthi
08.02.2019 - Friday   

Thai Amavasai (Annadhanam)
04.02.2019 - Monday   

Sani Maha Pradosham
02.02.2019 - Saturday   

Sri Lakshmi Durgai Amman Sumangali
29.01.2019 - Tuesday   

Theipirai Ashtami
28.01.2019 - Monday   
Sri Bairavar Abishegam (8.15 pm)

Sukravara Amman Procession
25.01.2019 - Friday   

Sankatahara Chathurthi
24.01.2019 - Thursday   

Thaipusam (Annadhanam)
21.01.2019 - Monday   

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New Temple
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