Shrines of Kali

Calcutta Kali
In this Shakthi Peedam the Dhevi here has three eyes. She adorns red cloth, a garland of Skull,Her tongue is protruding.She is called Hajarbhooja Kaali ( Kaali with thousand hands). In Dakshineshwar the Kali who blessed Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar is called by the name of Pavatharani and blesses all the devotees who take refuge in her feet. Here it is said that Kaali's foot fell during the Dhaksha Yagna when Sakthi immolated herself in the yagna. Other famous Kaali in Calcutta are JakrataKaali and Baghat Kali.

Ujjaini kali
The Kaali who blessed the Maha Kavi / Great Poet Kaalidas is in the holy city of Ujjain. She is called Managala Chandigai. Our great poet Bharathi has sung few hymns in her praise.

Kaali Mat Kali
From Shimla to Kalka ther are about nine shrines of Kaali. In the Kalka temple, you have Kaalika Devi.In Himachal Pradesh on the way to Ketharinath and close to Uhimat there is yet another shrine of Kaali called Kaali Mat.

Kamsa marthini
On top of the Himalayas and near the Alahananda river is the Shrine for the Maya Shakthi of Krishna which is the Kamsa Marthini Mutt. The pooja is done to a Homa Gundam and the Poojari ties his eyes.

The Bhadrakali at Dwarakapeedam
The Mutt which was established by Adhi Shankara in the west is at Dwaraka Peedam . The deity of this shrine is Shri Bhadrakaali. The Devtha deity of Dwarakapeedam is Shri Bhadrakaali.

Bhadrakali at Mylapore
In Chennai at Mylapore there is a Kaali called Kolavizhiamman . she is directly looking at the Rudra Bhoomi or Mayanam and she was even worshipped by the Europeans of the East India Company.

Mahishi Kali
The deity called Ukra Thara is near the Sharsha Railway Station and one has to take a bullock cart to reach this place.

Karanganur kali
In kerala at Karanganur in the Kodungallur Bhagavathi temple there is shrine for Kaali . It is famous for warding of the evil of the devotees.

Gogarna Bhadrakali
Gogarnam - in the south of the temple in Gogarnum the deity of Kaali is kept to save the temple . when Ravanan got the Athma Lingam from Lord Shiva he also pleaded and got the Ambigai to follow him. Naradha known to create confusions for the good rushed to him and said that how he can go along with a demonouring figure and Ravana was puzzled and looked around. Ambigai took the form of Bhadrakaali in front of him and Ravana requested her to stay where she is and this is the deity of Gorgarna Kaali

Ayiram(Thousand) Kali in Mayavaram
This Kaali who is made of wood is taken out of a wooden box once in 5 years and after worshipping is kept back in the box.Is supposed to be a very powerful God and endeared by the people in the locality.

Kanchi kama kotta kali
In the Kanchi Kama kottam there is a shrine for Kaali. She is seated in Artha Padmasana with her weapons and skull and shows Abhaya muthura . there is Shri Chakra yanthiram in front of her in a small

She is the Kaali who is protecting all the mankind from the various disease related to extreme heat ,This temple is in Trichy. The God is in the open and when people tried to construct a shed it caught fire. Such is the power of Vekkali.

Kamban ma kali
This Kali was worshipped by the greatest poet kamban.It is found near the kamban Medu at Ther euzhenthu village.

Swarna kali
This temple is found in Madurai .Kali is found residing in the marudha vanam and she is called as swarna kali.

Thiruvachur madura kali
Is the family goddess of guru sankaracharya .There are thousands of families with this kali as their family deity.This temple is opened only on Mondays and Fridays. In Trichy, we have another kali temple in a village called Makali Kudi.This kali was worshipped by the king vikramaditya.

Thillai kali
This kali is in chidambaram and she was the one to lose the dance competion to siva. Mull cloth ,1 kilo oil,1 kilo kumkum are her offerings.

Akshara swarupini
This kali is residing in chennai at thambu chetty street and was worshipped by Adi shankarar.

Selva ma kali
This kali is supposed to have chased the residing kaval theivam called Pal Kulathi in the village , udaiyalur near kumbakonam. She is also a goddess who will give what the devotees ask for like madura kali.Selva kali also has another temple In kumbakonam at Madakudi.

Vietnam kali
Saigon is the capital of Vietnam and during war this temple alone was saved.so the Vietnamese hiding in the temple started to pray and even today it is a part of their day to pray to this kali.It is one of the richest temple there.

Reunion kali
Reunion is an island in south Africa. The Indians living there follow shakthi and hence they look at Natarajar as shakthi and see muruga also in her form.They tie a sari for the muruga and worship him as shakthi.

Nepal kali
It is said that during the Dhaksha Yagna,Kaali's body was cut in to pieces and 52 pieces fell in different places.Kaali's teeth is supposed to have fallen at Nepal an dis the idol is known as Dhandha Kaali. One teeth is kept safely in silver container sacredly in this temple.

Kamakya kali
Kamakya is located on a hill - Neelachala Parvat or Kamagiri near the city of Guwahati in Assam. Shakti, residing on the Kamagiri hill is known as Kamakya, the granter of desires.Assam traditionally has been known as the Kamarupa Desa and has been associated with Tantric practices and Shakti worship.

The Kalika Purana, an ancient work in Sanskrit describes Kamakya as the yielder of all desires, the young bride of Shiva, and the giver of salvation.

Legend has it that following the destruction of Daksha's sacrifice and the Rudra Thandava of Shiva parts of Shakti's body fell at several places throught India, and these pieces are revered as Shakti peetas.The reproductive organ (the Yoni) of Shakti is said to have fallen here.

Legend also has it that the supreme creative power of Brahma was challenged by Shakti, the mother Goddess, and that Bhrahma could thereafter create, only with the blessings of the Yoni as the sole creative principle. After much penance, Bhrahma brought down a luminious body of light from space and placed it within the Yoni circle, which was created by the Goddess and placed at Kamarupa.

There is no image of Shakti here, within a corner of a cave in the temple, there is a sculptured image of the Yoni of the Goddess, which is the object of reverance. A natural spring keeps the stone moist.

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