Sri Idumbar

How to pray
Idumbar was a disciple of the great rishi agasthya. When he was carrying the siva Giri and Sakthi Giri for the guru's prayers by the grace of lord Muruga he was forced to rest the gods in pazhani for a while . But he could not lift it back and finally muruga appeared and still Idumbar has a separate temple in pazhani.It was because of him that people carry kavadi for muruga till today.

Best day to offer prayers
  • All days that are good for Muruga are good for him.

Best offerings
  • Chakkarai Pongal

Pujai offering
  • Kavadi
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Pooja & Events
Karthigai 3rd Somavaram
03.12.2018 - Monday   

Theipirai Ashtami
30.11.2018 - Friday   
Sri Bairavar Abishegam (8.15 pm)

Karthigai 2nd Somavaram
26.11.2018 - Monday   

Thirukarthigai Deepam Annamalaiyar Deepam
23.11.2018 - Friday   

22.11.2018 - Thursday   
Sri Veeramakaliamman & Sri Lakshmi Durgai Amman Abishegam - 10.30 am

22.11.2018 - Thursday   

20.11.2018 - Tuesday   

Karthigai 1st Somavaram - Sangabishegam
19.11.2018 - Monday   

Skanda Shashti 7th Day (Thirukalyanam)
14.11.2018 - Wednesday   

Skanda Shashti 5th Day (Soorasamharam)
13.11.2018 - Tuesday   

Skanda Shashti 5th Day (Vel Vanguthal)
12.11.2018 - Monday   

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